Arrest Records, Mugshots and Background Checks

Arrest Records, Mugshots, and Background Checks

Arrest Records in Georgia

After you are arrested in the State of Georgia by any Policing Department or Agency, it is more than likely that the details of your arrest will be lingering in different places online. Depending on the county where you were arrested you could be on as many as 40+ websites as some counties are worse than others. As a result, these online publications happen regardless if your case gets dismissed in court, or you are found guilty.

Online Arrest Records may impact your:

  1. Personal Reputation
  2. Insurance Costs
  3. Employment Status
  4. Credit Applications
  5. And more…

Types of Arrest Records

Let’s go over the different types of Arrest Records that contain your personal and private information. Some of these records after an arrest belong to Official Government Agencies, like Courthouses and the DMV. Some Arrest Records belong to unofficial agencies, like Background Check databases and websites. These are private companies that do as they please. Only a licensed Attorney can seal or expunge records belonging to Official Government Agencies. However, unofficial records are just as harmful. As a result, many people look for a qualified Online Reputation Company to remove criminal records off of the internet and background check databases.

Arrest Records and Background Checks

Not all Background Check companies were created equal, they also vary in where the records come from. Therefore, it’s important to distinguish background check companies that use their own database and stores their own records, versus background check companies that access Government Records at the time the background check is done.

  • 95% of Background Checks are done on Tier 1 Background Check Companies, they typically cost between $19.99 to $49.99 per search. We can remove criminal records off of these.
  • Tier 2 Background Check Companies cost between $199 and $499 per search. Tier 2 Background Checks are only done because companies are legally obligated to. Only a Lawyer can remove these criminal records.

Normally this is for hiring/maintain professionals with:

  1. Financial Institutions
  2. Schools or other jobs working with children
  3. Medical Field
  4. Professional Drivers

If you work in one of these professions, your best bet is to hire a qualified and licensed Attorney to get your criminal records expunged or sealed. However, you should still work to get those pesky Online Arrest Records removed. For example, here’s a popular Athens, GA Arrest Record website that we frequently have to remove records from:

Once it gets published to this website, dozens of other websites will re-publish them. Moreover, national websites like and others may try to charge you money to remove your listing.

All of this can be professionally dealt with by a reputable Online Reputation Company. Additionally, after 7 years or a dismissal, you can see a Licensed Attorney to have your Government Record sealed or expunged.

This article was written by Curtis Boyd, an Online Reputation Specialist at Future Solutions Media. They have helped over 2000+ people remove their Criminal Records off of the internet, permanently. Check out their Arrest Record Removal Brochure for more information.

DUI Checkpoint Dash Results in Georgia Driver’s Death

DUI Checkpoint Dash Results in Driver’s Death

DUI Checkpoint results in driver's death


Tragedy struck in Columbus, GA on Dec. 29, 2017, as a man was fatally injured as he fled a DUI checkpoint. More details will emerge as the GBI investigates the case. However, this case provides a striking example of why you should never attempt to flee a DUI checkpoint.

What is a DUI Checkpoint?

A DUI checkpoint is a system that police and law enforcement officers use to help keep the roads free of dangerous and intoxicated drivers. Police frequently set up checkpoints at important and heavily traveled routes. They are also referred to as DUI roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints. The police at these checkpoints ask drivers for information. Questions include how much drivers have had to drink, where they are coming from, and where they are going. Moreover, police attempt to determine if a driver is intoxicated or deserves further scrutiny.

What Should You Do at a DUI Checkpoint?

Drivers should follow all instructions at sobriety checkpoints. As the example above demonstrates, attempting to flee the checkpoint can result in serious, even fatal consequences. Additionally, drivers should engage in all of the same behaviors and responses that they would use if they were talking with the police in another context. DUI checkpoints are increasingly popular. This is especially true in rural areas and areas near colleges. Therefore, drivers need a solid understanding of how sobriety checkpoints work to protect their rights.

DUI Checkpoints and Protecting Your Legal Rights

There are several complex standards which govern your rights at a DUI roadblock. Courts have issued different decisions and judgments regarding police tactics at sobriety checkpoints. Staying up to date on the latest rulings and standards for police and driver behavior is the best way to ensure your rights are protected. Additionally, you should always default to following police orders in the moment and relying on a well-qualified DUI or criminal defense lawyer if you feel your rights are being violated.

DUI and criminal defense lawyers know the ins and outs of DUI Checkpoint law. Therefore, the best strategy for protecting your rights and your life is to seek the advice and counsel of these experts. Additionally, the state can tack on charges if you resist or refuse to follow orders at a checkpoint. Moreover, these charges can dramatically increase the punishments you face as well as the cost of your defense. Therefore, complying with orders and hiring the best legal representation is the best approach.

Free DUI Checkpoint Consultations

Jason Slider is the best lawyer to call if you’ve been arrested at a DUI checkpoint. Jason has a tremendous amount of experience with the court systems and prosecutor offices in Northeast Georgia. Moreover, Jason uses his experience as a state prosecutor to find holes in the government’s case. He uses those weaknesses to launch a vigorous defense of your rights. The DUI and criminal defense industry have given Jason numerous awards. These awards include recognition of his superb track record and client satisfaction.

Contact us or call (706) 208-1514 to set up a free consultation. There’s no risk and no obligation. Jason will help you understand the legal process you’re going through. Additionally, he’ll help you understand your legal options. As a result, you’ll have a solid understanding of the different ways to handle your case. DUI law is constantly changing. Jason incorporates the latest rulings and decisions when advising clients.

DUI Marijuana Charges for UGA Players Show Police Tactics

DUI Marijuana Charges for UGA Players Show Police Tactics

Two UGA football players were recently stopped in Borrow County, Georgia and charged with a series of crimes. Among the charges were DUI marijuana, and speeding. While unfortunate, the case does show one of the most common tactics police use to get DUI charges. The two players were originally stopped for speeding. However, the officer claimed to smell marijuana, which resulted in additional charges.

dui marijuana uga football players

DUI Marijuana Charges After Being Stopped for Speeding

Police use traffic stops to find other charges against drivers. Most DUI and marijuana arrests happen because drivers are stopped for something else. As a result, anyone being stopped by the police can be charged with a DUI if the police feel they have enough evidence. Moreover, with the way that DUI Drugs laws are being interpreted by the police, even drivers who are taking medication legally can be charged. As a result, it’s more important than ever to understand your legal rights. Failure to exercise your rights can result in improper charges and complicate your life.

Understanding Your Rights at a Traffic Stop

Traffic stops are scary events. Drivers tend to react in one of two ways. Sometimes drivers know why they are being pulled over, and a sense of guilt and fear cloud their thinking. Alternatively, drivers have no idea why they’re being stopped, causing their mind to race for possible reasons and preventing them from considering their rights. Moreover, the rules for interacting with police at traffic stops aren’t always clear. We’ve put together a list of some of the basic rights you have during a traffic stop.

You Aren’t Required to Consent to a Search for DUI Marijuana Stops

The 4th amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. This right says that police must establish certain conditions, known as probable cause, before executing a search without a warrant. If the police ask if they can search your vehicle you can tell them no. Police must then either establish probable cause or get a warrant to search your car.

You Are Allowed to Film During Traffic Stops

The first amendment assures your right to film during a police stop. However,  you can’t interfere with the police as they do their job. Putting your camera in an officer’s face will almost certainly result in your arrest. Moreover, you also cannot use the fact that you’re filming to delay or stall the officer in any way. If the police take your phone or camera to prevent you from filming, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

You Have A Right to Know Why You’re Being Stopped

The police have to tell you why they’ve stopped you. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask what the police are doing or why they are interested in you or your vehicle. If the police can’t or won’t tell you why you’ve been stopped, then you should hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can.

You Can’t be Stopped for an Unreasonable Length of Time

A court case established that the police cannot detain you while they wait for more tools to look for more crimes. Therefore, you should be sure to ask an officer why you’re still being detained if you seem to be done with the issue the police stopped you for. Holding you while officers wait for a drug-sniffing dog or other tools is illegal unless the officer has reasonable suspicion.

You Have the Right to Obtain the Officer’s Information

Frequently the police will try and control the discussion. However, you always have the right to request and receive an officer’s identifying information. This usually takes the form of their name, rank, and badge number. You can use this information to identify an officer if you think your rights are being violated.

Free Consultations for DUI Marijuana Cases from Traffic Stops

Every driver deserves to have their rights protected. If you’ve been charged with a crime resulting from a traffic stop, then you need the best legal defense possible. Jason Slider is an expert criminal defense attorney. He will help you understand your rights and determine your legal options. Jason has tried more than 100 cases before a jury. He uses his time as a state prosecutor to spot holes in the prosecution’s case. Jason then uses those holes to mount an aggressive defense of your rights. The DUI Defense industry award Jason numerous times, including awards for client satisfaction. Contact us or call (706) 208-1514 today to schedule a free consultation. There’s no risk and no obligation. Make sure your rights are protected and call Jason Slider today!

Holiday DUI Roadblocks in Georgia

Holiday DUI Roadblocks in Georgia

The holiday season is a blast for many people. However, sometimes people have too much fun with friends and family. Unfortunately, this can lead to holiday DUI charges, which can put a serious damper on the festivities. Police know that more people will be on the road during this time of year. Therefore, they put up holiday DUI roadblocks to keep everyone safe. Sadly, these roadblocks can also scoop up innocent people, resulting in a huge headache. Read on to find out what you need to know about holiday DUI roadblocks so you can stay safe and protect your rights.

Holiday DUI Roadblocks in Georgia

Why Are There More DUIs During the Holidays?

Police work to keep us safe. Drunk drivers can be a serious threat to public safety. Moreover, the holidays are a time of celebration, which, for many people, means enjoying a few drinks with friends and family. Furthermore, more people travel during the holiday season. They don’t have to go to work and are making special trips to see those important to them.

Police notice these two trends. Therefore, they take extra measures to make sure everyone is safe when they’re on the road during the holidays. One of the most common ways to do that is to set up more holiday DUI roadblocks. These roadblocks usually cover the most heavily trafficked roads in the state. Moreover, they’re known to be more aggressive than roadblocks other times of the year because of the high volume of travelers and the nature of the season.

How to Avoid Holiday DUI Charges

Holiday DUI charges can ruin the season for many drivers. After all, it’s hard to travel to go see the ones you love when you’re worried about losing your license. We’ve put together a list of things you should do to avoid getting a DUI during the holidays.

Have a Designated Driver

One of the best ways to avoid a holiday DUI is to make sure to have a designated driver. A designated driver usually won’t have to worry about interactions with the police. Moreover, a designated driver can also help make sure you act responsibly while you are celebrating with friends and family. No one likes being the butt of jokes regarding their holiday behavior. A sober driver can let you know when you’re celebrating too much.

Call an Uber

Sometimes people don’t have access to a designated driver. Thankfully, modern technology has created a solution for these kinds of situations. Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft let you enjoy yourself during holiday festivities without having to worry about how you’re getting home.

Arrange to Stay Over

One of the reasons there are so many people on the road and so many DUIs during the holidays is that we visit friends and family that live far away. In these instances, it may not be practical or affordable to hire an Uber, and selecting a designated driver can be an issue as well. If you find yourself in this situation, arrange to sleep where you’re celebrating. This will keep you off the road while allowing you to enjoy good times and good company.

Maintain a 1:1 Water/Alcoholic Drink Ratio

If you can’t stay over, find a designated driver, or call a ride-sharing service, then you need to make sure you can drive. Make sure to have at least one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have. Additionally, wait one hour for each drink you have before you get on the road. While this method doesn’t ensure total safety, it does give you the best chance to avoid a holiday DUI if you absolutely must drive yourself home.

Free Holiday DUI Consultations

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a holiday DUI, contact us or call (706) 208-1514 to set up a free consultation. Jason Slider has the skills and experience you need to get the best results in your holiday DUI case. He has taken more than 100 DUI cases to jury trial. Moreover, he’s been recognized by the DUI defense industry as a top DUI lawyer. His awards for client satisfaction speak for themselves. Don’t let a DUI charge ruin your holiday season. Stay safe, and call Baker & Slider if you run into any trouble.

DUI Penalties in Georgia Among Harshest in Nation

DUI Penalties in Georgia Among Harshest in Nation

Drivers in Georgia face some of the harshest DUI penalties in the country. A recent survey found that Georgia’s penalties for a first DUI and for repeat DUI are much tougher than most other states. Georgia came in at #2 in the survey. Arizona is the only state to have harsher penalties. The study looked at 15 different metrics, including minimum jail time, fines, license restrictions, and more.  As a result, Georgia drivers need to be extra careful to protect their rights and their livelihoods.

dui penalties in georgia

First Time DUI Penalties

A first DUI is a misdemeanor in Georgia. However, that doesn’t mean people charged with a DUI can expect a slap on the wrist. DUI penalties from the state come in four forms: jail time and probation, fines and fees, community service and counseling, and license restrictions.

Jail Time and Probation

Georgia drivers face a minimum of 24 hours in jail for their first DUI. Convicted drivers can face up to a year behind bars for their first offense. Moreover, even those who do not get the maximum jail time will find themselves on probation. As a result, first-time DUI offenders face mandatory meetings. Moreover, they must pay for their own supervision. Failure to pay your probation fees can result in being sent back to jail.

Fines and Fees

Anyone convicted of their first DUI faces a fine of up to $1,000. However, the costs don’t stop there. You’ll also have to pay for your own supervision through probation. Moreover, you’ll be required to attend rehabilitation and risk reduction programs. These programs usually total 20 hours. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for these programs out of your own pocket. The risk reduction programs can cost $350 or more. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay $200 to get your license reinstated.

Community Service and Counseling

In addition to the risk reduction program, first-time DUI convictions require 40 hours of community service. Citizens are also required to attend a substance abuse evaluation. Moreover, they must obtain and pay for any treatment recommended in the evaluation. This can take up even more of your time, especially considering the 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of risk reduction training.

License Penalties

People convicted of their first DUI will lose their license for 12 months. Furthermore, they’ll have to petition to get special permission to drive to work and school. The judge does not have to give permission, so a DUI conviction can cost you your job. Individuals must petition to have their license reinstated after the 12 month period. Additionally, they must complete the risk reduction program and pay the $200 reinstatement fee before they can get their license back.

Repeat DUI Penalties

The penalties for a repeat DUI in Georgia get even stiffer. The more DUIs you are convicted of, the worse the penalties get. For example, a second DUI conviction leads to having your license revoked for 18 months-3 years. Additionally, you’ll have to pay all of the same associated costs, like the $200 license reinstatement fee, costs of probation, and costs of risk reduction programs, substance abuse evaluation, and counseling.

DUI Penalties for Habitual Offenders

Individuals convicted of three DUIs within five years are labeled as habitual offenders. The penalties for habitual offenders are even more serious. Habitual offenders face a minimum of 15 days in jail. Moreover, the fine is from $1,000 – $5,000. Habitual defenders also risk having an interlock device installed on their car. However, that’s only if they receive a limited license to go to work after three years. A habitual offender’s license is suspended for 5 years. You also must pay to have your name and address published in the newspaper, labeling you as a habitual offender.

Free Consultations to Understand DUI Penalties

The penalties in Georgia for a DUI are strict. People fighting a DUI charge need the best legal help they can get. Jason Slider offers free consultations for people facing DUI charges. Jason has taken more than 100 DUI cases to jury trial. Moreover, his time as a state prosecutor helps him spot weaknesses in the government’s case against you. Jason uses those weaknesses to launch an aggressive defense. He is the recipient of numerous awards from the DUI defense industry. Jason will help you understand your situation at the free consultation. He’ll explain your legal options and help you put together a strategy to fight your case. The consultation is free and there’s no obligation. Contact us or call (706) 208-1514 to set up your free consultation today.

Rates Climbing for DUI Drugs Cases in Georgia

DUI Drugs Cases Increasing in Georgia

Reports indicate that DUI cases are at about the same rate as they’ve been in the past. However, one important thing has changed. The makeup of DUI cases has dramatically shifted, with a greater percentage of cases taking the form of DUI drugs charges. DUI drugs cases can be hard to understand. Moreover, the standards for charging someone with DUI drugs can be arbitrary. As a result, citizens are worried they could be falsely charged with DUI drugs.

dui drugs cases up in georgia

Understanding a DUI Drugs Charge

DUI drugs cases are more frequent in Georgia these days. Therefore, it’s important to understand how you can be charged with this crime. Police can charge you if they feel that your driving has been impaired by any substance. Moreover, you can be charged with DUI drugs even if you are taking medication as prescribed by your doctor. As a result, many people find themselves charged with a crime when they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong.

Additionally, the arbitrary nature of this charge makes it especially concerning. A minor driving error, momentary lapse in concentration, or being stopped for another traffic violation can all lead to a DUI charge if you’ve been taking prescription medicine. We’ve written about the problems with DUI marijuana charges before. The same type of arbitrary judgments is used for DUI cases involving prescription drugs.

DUI Drugs Penalties

The penalties for a DUI from drugs are similar to those from other types of DUI charges. However, DUI drug penalties can be more severe. Additionally, with all the attention that has been focused on the opioid crisis in America, judges and prosecutors are more likely to come down harder on these kinds of DUI cases.

Some of the penalties drivers face include loss of driver’s license, large fines, community service, and court-mandated treatment programs. Moreover, citizens must pay for these treatment programs themselves. Furthermore, some people risk losing their jobs, or chances to advance their careers. A DUI from drugs can also jeopardize your ability to go to school, maintain a scholarship, and cause other academic complications. Members of the armed forces risk losing security clearances needed for promotion. Additionally, if you’ve been convicted of another crime in the past, a new DUI charge can violate your probation and might cost you your freedom.

Fighting a DUI Drugs Charge

Individuals charged with DUI drugs need the best legal representation they can get. Given the severe penalties, you can’t risk representing yourself. Jason Slider has the skills and experience you need to fight your DUI charge. He knows what to challenge to get the best possible results in your case. This includes challenging the reason you were stopped, the officer’s judgment that you were impaired, and any tests performed on you. Moreover, Jason’s years of experience as a state prosecutor mean that he can spot weaknesses in the government’s case. He’ll use those weaknesses to aggressively defend your rights. Every citizen deserves an aggressive defense. Jason makes sure you won’t be unfairly punished for following doctor’s orders.

Free Consultations for DUI Drugs Charges

Jason Slider offers free consultations for anyone charged with DUI drugs. There’s no risk and no obligation. Moreover, Jason will help you understand the situation you’re in. You’ll learn about the process you’ll go through. Furthermore, Jason will help you understand your options. As a result, you’ll leave with a much better understanding of your case. Jason has taken more than 100 DUI cases to jury trial. He’s won numerous industry awards for client satisfaction. You can set up an appointment by contacting us, or by calling (706) 208-1514. Remember, the consultation is free, and you’ll leave with a much better understanding of your case. The sooner Jason starts working on your case the better your defense will be. Don’t delay, call now!

New Georgia Supreme Court DUI Breathalyzer Case

New Georgia Supreme Court DUI Breathalyzer Case

Breathalyzer DUI Ruling in Georgia Supreme Court

A recent case before the Georgia Supreme Court could have profound implications for people charged with DUI, especially if their DUI charge stems from a breathalyzer test. Breathalyzer tests are one of the primary ways police gather evidence in DUI cases. Therefore, this ruling has the potential to alter the legal landscape with regard to DUI tests. Read on to find out more.

The Facts of the Case: Breathalyzer Coercion

The Olevik case found that there are some problems with the way that Georgia’s implied consent laws have been applied in the past. The case stems from an incident where Olevik was pulled over for failure to maintain lane and missing tail lights. Police then noticed signs of intoxication, including red, watery eyes, slow speech, and the strong odor of alcohol. The officer performed a battery of field tests, including having Olevik blow into an Alco-sensor. The officer stated that this was different from a state-administered DUI test. After the Alco-sensor tested positive, Olevik was placed under arrest for DUI. The officer read him Georgia’s implied consent notice.

After a bench trial, Olevik’s lawyer appealed the trial court’s ruling that the implied consent law is not coercive, setting up a showdown in the Georgia Supreme Court. The question is whether Georgia’s implied consent law violates the state constitution. The Georgia Supreme Court found that implied consent does violate the right against self incrimination.

Breathalyzer Tests, Implied Consent, and Your Rights

Almost everyone knows that the US Constitution protects citizens from being forced to testify against themselves. However, there are limits to this protection. The Georgia Constitution protects against being forced to testify against yourself. It also protects against being forced to provide evidence against yourself.

Georgia’s implied consent law covers DUI tests. Drivers have the right to refuse a DUI test. Olevik successfully argued that the wording of the implied consent law forced him to incriminate himself. The Georgia Supreme Court ruled that breathalyzer and other DUI tests are a form of self-incrimination according to the Georgia Constitution.

These protections mean that a person has a constitutional right to decline a test, as well as a statutory right. Therefore, DUI cases that rely on breathalyzer results could be re-evaluated. Olevik was unable to get his DUI overturned because of a lack of other elements. However, the new ruling means that other citizens might have an argument that their rights were violated by a DUI breathalyzer test.

Free Consultations for DUI Breathalyzer Cases

If you’ve been charged with a DUI based on a breathalyzer test, then you might have more options to fight your case than you think. Jason Slider is the best lawyer in the Athens-Clarke County area when it comes to fighting DUI cases in court. Jason stays up to date on the latest science and court case rulings. Therefore, he provides the aggressive and vigorous defense you deserve. Jason has taken more than 100 DUI cases to jury trial. This means he has the necessary experience to get the best results. Moreover, Jason’s experience as a state prosecutor helps him see your case from the government’s perspective. As a result, Jason is able to spot weaknesses in the government’s case and exploit them. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his work on DUI cases, including awards for client satisfaction.

Jason offers free consultations for DUI cases. There’s no obligation, and no risk. Call today at (706) 208-1514, or contact us to set up an appointment. We’ll help you understand your case and your options. Don’t let yourself be punished because your rights were violated.

Roadblocks and DUI Arrests

Roadblocks and DUI Arrests

Alcosensor similar to type used during DUI roadblocks after UGA home games

With University of Georgia football in full swing, football fans attending home games can expect roadblocks to be set up by the various police departments patrolling the roads of Athens-Clarke County, Madison County, Oglethorpe County and Oconee County (Athens Clarke County Police, Georgia State Patrol, Madison Sheriff’s Department, Oglethorpe Sheriff’s Department, and Oconee County Sheriff’s Department).  Police and Sheriff’s Departments usually set up roadblocks several hours after the games have ended but after the traffic has cleared.  In the past, they have established these DUI checkpoints at various locations, most recently right outside of the Athens-Clarke County area.

The purpose of these roadblocks is to check for impairment, and it allows officers to come into contact with a lot of drivers in a very condensed period of time.  If officers detect any signs of alcohol consumption by the driver, usually in the form of odor, they will proceed with a DUI investigation of that driver.  Often times this will include, but not always, asking drivers to submit to what are termed as Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluations and to submit to a portable breath testing device called an alcosensor.

Officers will use these field sobriety evaluations and alcosensor to determine if a driver is under the influence of alcohol and should be arrested and charged with DUI.  After arrest, a driver will be asked to submit to a state test of their breath or blood by the officer.  Depending on the decision to take the test or not, and the result of any test that is taken, a person’s license may be seized at that time by the officer.

The best way to avoid a DUI arrest is to have a designated driver who is not consuming alcohol.  However, if you find yourself stopped at one of these roadblocks and being arrested for DUI it is important to secure an attorney to represent you.  Because of administrative license issues, it is important to contact an attorney immediately because time can be of the essence.

Free Consultations for DUI at Baker & Slider

At Baker & Slider, LLC we represent people that are arrested and charged with DUIs in and around the Athens area, including Oglethorpe County, Oconee County and Madison County.  If you are arrested for DUI, contact us, or call our office today at 706-208-1514 for more information or to speak with an experienced DUI attorney.

DUI Marijuana Tests Challenged in Georgia

DUI Marijuana Tests Challenged in Georgia

The Cobb County police department, along with one of its officers, were named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Georgia at the Federal Court in Atlanta. The lawsuit alleges that the police improperly arrested and detained three people for DUI marijuana.

The three individuals were charged with DUI marijuana after an officer used “drug recognition training” to arrest the individuals, force them to spend hours in jail, and compel a blood test. None of the plaintiffs were under the influence of marijuana, and all of the tests came back negative.

The department did not obtain a warrant for arrest in the cases, relying on the advice of a “drug recognition” expert to determine that it was likely the drivers were operating under the influence of marijuana. This is a serious charge, as even though the charges against the three plaintiffs were eventually dismissed, they will have an arrest on their records, which could hurt their chances in future job searches and other activities requiring a background check.

Failure to Maintain Lane to DUI Marijuana

In all three cases, the plaintiffs were stopped for a failure to maintain lane. The drug recognition expert in question either conducted or participated in each of the stops. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that the drug recognition expert did not follow protocol that is used to establish whether or not someone is driving under the influence of drugs, known as the DRE protocol.

The officer in question was trained as a “drug recognition expert.” This program, and others like it, are becoming increasingly popular with police departments across the country and the state of Georgia. Rights advocates worry that these programs will make officers believe that they have the ability to automatically tell if someone is or is not on drugs. Therefore, it risks search and seizure violations. Police officers can cherry pick elements to create a case for DUI marijuana. Moreover, rights advocates worry that bias and mistakes will ruin the records of innocent drivers.

Some people defending the program point to blood tests that, in some instances, show evidence of marijuana consumption. We’ve talked before about why blood tests are unreliable. Additionally, if the blood tests were based on the identification of a “Drug recognition expert,” then the tests themselves might be problematic. As a result, individuals charged with DUI marijuana may have ground to challenge their case.

DUI Marijuana in Georgia

DUI Marijuana can carry serious penalties in Georgia. As a result, this situation is very important. Moreover, if police are allowed to use arbitrary standards to accuse someone of a crime, then we face a slippery slope when it comes to our 4th Amendment Rights. Police officers should not be able to use an unscientific series of observations and suspicions as a basis to arrest someone and charge them with a crime.

Free Consultation for DUI Marijuana

Call or contact Baker & Slider to set up a free consultation. We can help you understand the process that you’ll go through, and will fight to protect your Constitutional rights. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in America. DUI charges are no different. Jason Slider has the skills and experience you need to get the best possible result for your DUI Marijuana charge. He has successfully argued hundreds of cases in and around Athens. Jason will know the different ways to challenge your case. This gives you the best chances of the best outcome. Additionally, as a former State attorney, he has the inside knowledge need to aggressively defend your case. Jason knows where the weak parts of the government’s case are, and will attack them. The sooner Jason starts working on your case, the better your defense will be, so call (706) 208-1514 today and set up your free consultation.

DUI Checkpoints in Athens

DUI Checkpoints in Athens

DUI Checkpoints in Athens, GA

Police in Athens, GA are turning to DUI checkpoints with increasing intensity. Indeed, all over Georgia, police are stepping up their use of DUI roadblocks and checkpoints. In fact, last year Police warned drivers that they would be stepping up roadblocks and checkpoints.

Roadblocks are supposed to keep people safe. However, overzealous law enforcement results in inappropriate DUI charges. There are several problems with the methods that the police use to check for DUI. DUI checkpoints walk the line of search and seizure. Therefore, police officers must conduct them in very specific ways. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations governing DUI checkpoints means that your rights might be violated.

Understanding DUI Checkpoints

Citizens can falsely register as being under the influence at a DUI roadblock for any number of reasons. Many citizens get nervous when stopped at a DUI checkpoint. Roadblocks at night are especially intimidating. The anxiety and nerves that a person experiences during a roadblock can replicate indicators of being intoxicated.

Moreover, methods like breathalyzer testing, blood tests, and other investigative methods can be unreliable. However, many citizens aren’t aware of the rules and regulations that cover DUI roadblocks. As a result, many citizens don’t seek the best legal representation when they are charged with a DUI. This is especially true if the individual in question has had a drink or two.

However, in the state of Georgia, the legal limit for alcohol intoxication is a BAC of .08%. Simply having a drink or two is unlikely to raise your BAC to the legal threshold for intoxication, even if the tests say otherwise. Sometimes that doesn’t stop the police from charging you with a crime. Athens-Clarke County police are especially vigilant during football games. A tremendous number of people make their way into Athens during UGA home games. Police know that these individuals are coming from out of town. In an effort to keep people on the roads safe, the police may be more aggressive with DUI charges than is appropriate.

Best DUI Checkpoints Defense

You’re going to need the best legal defense possible if you’ve been arrested for DUI. A good DUI lawyer will know how to find the holes in the case against you. Moreover, the best DUI attorney will also be able to challenge test results. An excellent lawyer will also show that a DUI roadblock was not conducted in accordance with the law. Given the penalties for being convicted of a DUI, citizens need to be sure that their Constitutional rights are fully protected.

All citizens are innocent until proven guilty. At Baker & Slider, we understand that mistakes happen. Police make mistakes as well. Our skill and experience in handling DUI cases allows us to help you mount a vigorous defense of your rights. We know how to provide the high-quality legal defense you need to ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted of a DUI.

Free Consultation for DUI Checkpoints

If you’ve been charged with a DUI resulting from a Gameday roadblock, call or contact Baker & Slider to set up a free consultation. We can help you understand the process that you’ll go through, and will fight to protect your Constitutional rights. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in America. DUI charges are no different. Jason Slider has the skills and experience you need to get the best possible result for your Gameday roadblock DUI. He has successfully challenge roadblock procedures in and around Athens in the past. Additionally, as a former State attorney, he has the inside knowledge need to aggressively defend your case. The sooner Jason starts working on your case, the better your defense will be, so call (706) 208-1514 today and set up your free consultation.