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Changes to The Restriction of Criminal Records for Ordinance Violations and Misdemeanor Offenses

The legislature in 2020 passed Senate Bill 288 which was a change in the law concerning restriction of criminal records and when certain offenses can be restricted from a person’s criminal history. The change will go into effect on January 1, 2021.

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Right Moves

This blog series addresses the legal issues that continuously give my Clients the biggest problems; and, provides the “right moves” to avoid them.

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Hot Coffee or Hot Air? the Truth Behind the McDonald's Coffee Case

It is ironic that one of the most famous personal injury cases in American jurisprudence is also the most misunderstood. When you think of the McDonald's coffee case, which of the following is true and which is false?

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What Is "UM" Car Insurance? Why Should I Care

Car wrecks are scary as hell even if you are not badly hurt, especially when the other driver caused the wreck for no good reason. Suffering a horrible injury that dramatically affects every aspect of your life takes it to another level by affecting your school, marriage, parenting, work, and overall quality of life. In that situation, the last thing you want to make matters even worse is having nothing available to pay for costs of medical treatment that is uncovered by health insurance.

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Baker & Slider, LLC's Criminal Legal Guide for University of Georgia Students

Welcome to Athens, Georgia and UGA to all new and returning students. The firm of Baker & Slider, LLC wanted to give some general information concerning common crimes that UGA students seem to face and the criminal justice system in Athens, Georgia. The most common crimes that university students seem to face in Athens are Underage Possession of Alcohol (UPA/MIP); Possession of a False Identification Document (Fake ID)...

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