Law enforcement has treated drugs differently than alcohol for decades, especially when it comes to driver's license suspensions and DUIs. At one point in time, if a person was found in possession of any illegal drug, they could lose their license - even if they weren't in a motor vehicle at the time. Finally, in 2015, the law was changed to reduce driver's license suspensions for non-motor-related crimes.

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Understanding the consequences of a conviction

There continues to be a distinction between alcohol DUIs and drug-related DUIs. While both types of DUIs have resulted in license suspensions for a first offense, those convicted of alcohol-related DUIs were able to obtain limited driving permits while drug-related DUI offenders could not. This meant that alcohol DUI offenders could drive to essential places like work, school and medical appointments, while drug DUI offenders had no access to a vehicle.

In 2020, the law was amended to allow those convicted of illegal drug or prescription drug DUIs to obtain limited driving permits during their suspension periods. This change was important for a lot of people because it finally eliminated the conflict between drugs and alcohol for DUI convictions.

What this means in today's world

Today, if a person is convicted of a DUI for the first time in a five-year period - regardless of the substance - they have the possibility of getting a limited driving permit. By working with a drug defense attorney, you can pursue a limited driving permit that would allow to you to drive to...

  • Work, giving you the opportunity to maintain your livelihood
  • School, allowing you to continue your education more effectively
  • Medical appointments, such as checkups, prescription pickups and therapy

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