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DUI Blood Tests Attorneys
in Athens, Georgia

Why Does the State Use Blood Tests?

When discussing DUIs or any criminal law, it is important to keep in mind that, according to the US Constitution, the state has to prove you are guilty of the crime you've been accused of. One of the most common ways for the state to try and prove a DUI charge is by using a blood test. The government will use these tests to show that your blood alcohol content was greater than the legal limit of .08%.

We Can Challenge the Prosecutors.

Blood Tests Can Be Challenged

Even if your blood test comes back over the legal limit, you still may have a case. As a former prosecutor, Jason Slider knows how to challenge blood tests based on the way that the police obtained the blood sample for testing and a number of other ways, such as how your sample was:

  • Obtained

  • Transported

  • Stored

  • Tested

The US Constitution protects people from unreasonable search and seizure. The right to control the collection of and access to your blood, the very basis of your body, is sacred. If the test was conducted in a way that was invasive, or the police did not have the appropriate basis or permission to conduct a blood test, then an experienced defense attorney can get the charges against someone dismissed. We assist the counties of Athens, Morgan, Elbert, Banks, and Madison, Georgia.