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DUI Roadblocks Attorneys
in Athens, Georgia

Why Does the State Use Roadblocks?

The police in and around Athens, Georgia are notorious for using roadblocks. This strategy is especially popular on game days and major holidays like New Year's Eve, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and others. While there is plenty of debate regarding the benefits and disadvantages of roadblocks, city and county governments don't show any signs of stopping them anytime soon.

Are Roadblocks Legal?

Yes, but they are often controversial. One of the reasons why there's a lot of debate about roadblocks is that they have to be done in very particular ways in order to be legal. Constitutional rights and protections apply on game days and holidays, just like any other day.

If you were charged with a DUI after being stopped at a roadblock, you may have a better case for defense than you think.

We'll Fight for Your Rights.

What's the Best DUI Roadblock Defense?

It always pays to have an experienced defense lawyer for any DUI charge When it comes to fighting a DUI from a roadblock, we have the experience you're looking for. We were instrumental in proving that the way that police in the Athens-Clarke County area were conducting roadblocks was unconstitutional. This event resulted in a change to the way the police set up and conduct roadblocks. We represent clients from the counties of Athens, Hall, Jackson, Franklin, and Greene, Georgia.