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Repeat DUI Attorneys in Athens, Georgia

You Been Charged with Another DUI, Now What?

It's never easy to face a repeat DUI charge. The consequences and penalties for a DUI increase with every additional conviction. Therefore those facing repeat DUIs are at risk for even harsher fines, jail time, community service, loss of driver's license, out-of-pocket treatment, probation, and more.

Moreover, you face additional penalties even if you are charged with different types of DUIs. Thus, if your first conviction was for DUI drugs, your first charge of DUI alcohol will have the additional penalties from being the second DUI charge.

How Do DUI Penalties Progress in Georgia?

Georgia law has several different categories of crimes to represent their severity. The first DUI is considered a misdemeanor, as is the second DUI conviction. However, the third DUI conviction in a 10 year period is considered an aggravated misdemeanor. The fourth and additional convictions for DUI in a 10 year period are considered felonies.

A felony DUI charge is a completely different category of crime from a misdemeanor. A felony conviction can result in the loss of civil rights like voting and owning a gun. Repeat DUIs come with longer jail sentences and heavier fines. Moreover, the amount of time that you lose driving privileges for grows with each DUI conviction, and the access to limited special licenses to get to work and school gets smaller and smaller.

The penalties for repeat DUIs can also impact your day-to-day life in other ways. Multiple DUI's can prevent you from getting a job in the future. Repeat DUIs can also cost you your current job. It can make it hard to run errands, see friends and family, take care of loved ones, and more.

Athens, Georgia is also known to be especially aggressive when pursuing a repeat DUI charge. This can involve holding a person without bail or bond until they can appear before a judge. This tactic is used to create a feeling of desperation and fear, which encourages people to plead guilty even if they are not.

We Won't Give Up.

How Do You Fight Repeat Dui Charges?

The best option to fight repeat DUI charges is a strong defense from an experienced attorney, that's why you need us. Contact us in Athens, Georgia. We assist those in Franklin, Madison, Oconee, and Banks Counties.