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Northeast Georgia is an incredibly busy area. In addition to the thousands of people that live there, thousands more pass through every day. One of the most popular reasons people pass through Northeast Georgia is for events associated with the University of Georgia. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of people visit Athens every year. As a result, many people travel through places like Oglethorpe County, Jackson County, Madison County, and more.

Northeast Georgia DUI and Civil Lawyers

Northeast Georgia and DUIs

The counties and towns along the major roads through the region know what kind of traffic the University generates. Therefore, many of these counties and towns have aggressive DUI patrols. Northeast Georgia jurisdictions often set up DUI roadblocks. They also watch the roads for other violations. Moreover, police use violations like speeding, failure to maintain lane, or vehicle code violations to stop travelers. Furthermore, the arbitrary power police have to issue DUI charges mean that plenty of travelers can find themselves facing charges.

Dealing with a DUI charge is never easy. However, facing a DUI charge in a jurisdiction that’s far from where you live can be a nightmare. Locals are notorious for aggressively pursuing charges against people from out of town.  Therefore, you need a DUI or criminal lawyer that knows the area. Jason Slider has the experience and knowledge you need to beat your DUI or other charges in Northeast Georgia.

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If you’ve been charged with a DUI or crime in the region, contact us or call (706) 208-1514 to set up a free consultation. Jason Slider will help you understand your options. You’ll review the facts of your case, and leave with a better understanding of your legal options. Small jurisdictions demand an aggressive defense. Jason uses his time as a prosecutor to spot holes in the government’s case against you. He uses these weaknesses to ensure your rights are protected. The sooner Jason starts working on your case, the better the defense will be.  Don’t delay, set up your free consultation today!