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Car Accidents Attorneys
in Athens, Georgia

Car accidents can be traumatic for everyone involved. Even after your recovery, you could be looking at mountains of medical debt and out-of-pocket repair costs. Don't let one accident put you in debt for life. Retain Baker & Slider, LLC, personal injury and litigation law firm in Athens, Georgia. We represent clients who have been injured in car accidents. Make an appointment today.

Your Future Matters to Us.

Build a Strong Case for Compensation

Our personal injury attorneys have won several large settlements for clients with personal injury cases in the past. We'll bring our passion for justice and decades of legal experience to your case, too. We'll examine every piece of evidence, including:

  • Police offer reports

  • Medical bills

  • Photos or videos taken at the scene

Start working one-on-one with a personal injury attorney today. Call us in Athens, Georgia now. We also serve those in Banks, Hall, Oconee, and Greene Counties.