Are You a UGA Student Who's Been Arrested?

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Getting arrested is scary, especially if you're worried about how it will affect your academic career. A DUI and drug possession lawyer from Baker & Slider, LLC will help you handle your situation. Our firm in Athens, GA will give you much-needed information, advice and support.

Not sure where to start? Read our frequently asked questions below.

Does the UGA Office of Student Conduct have to be involved?

Any arrest will be flagged by the Student Conduct Office.

Will an arrest impact my graduate school plans?

Most graduate schools require you to divulge any criminal charges. While they may know about your arrest, it's much better to be able to tell them that your charges were reduced or dropped.

Do I have to abide by the UGA Code of Student Conduct if I live off campus?

To an extent. Some parts of the Student Code of Conduct apply to all students; others don't.

Do graduate students have to abide by the UGA Code of Student Conduct?

Yes, all UGA students are subject to discipline by the university.

Can the Office of Student Conduct suspend me?

The Office of Student Conduct brings an allegation, while the review panel determines penalties.

If deemed guilty, you could be:

  • Expelled
  • Suspended
  • Put on probation
  • Reprimanded

The consequences depend on your case and their decision.

How can an attorney help me with a Code of Student Conduct allegation?

Our criminal defense lawyer is familiar with UGA's system and can advise you on your next steps and be present at the review panel hearing.

Will I still able to earn my degree?

Your degree may be impacted if the review panel decides to suspend or expel you.

Will UGA find out if I'm arrested?

The University periodically checks for recent arrests to find out if any students were involved. They may or may not find out.

What if I'm arrested in a different state?

The university is far less likely to find out about your arrest if it occurs outside of Georgia. However, if they do, you'll still be subject to disciplinary action.

Will the Office of Student Conduct still be involved if my case is acquitted?

Yes, a code of conduct violation may be brought. However, an acquittal should help you in dealing with the office of student conduct.

Do I need an attorney during hearings of the Office of Student Conduct?

Your criminal defense lawyer can't speak on your behalf during these hearings, but they can offer you advice before you answer any questions.

Does drunk driving violate UGA's Code of Student Conduct?

Any misconduct that results in an arrest, including a DUI, violates the Code of Student Conduct.

Can I drink on campus if I'm over 21?

You can drink on campus if you are at a function where alcohol is being served. However, no drinking is allowed in the dorms, even if you are over the legal drinking age.

Will a second criminal offense increase my disciplinary action?

You may receive additional probation, suspension and have to complete community service and a drug and alcohol course.

Will I lose my HOPE scholarship after an arrest?

If you're suspended for any length of time, your financial aid and scholarships will likely be affected. It's also possible for the HOPE Scholarship foundation to discover an arrest when the university hasn't. This would put you at risk of losing your scholarship.

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